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Amanda Shulman

is an artist based in Massachusetts

I’m Amanda and the creator behind Mads & Lu Print Co! I’m an artist and designer focusing on hand lettering and illustrations that I turn into handmade greetings cards, wall decor, and stickers. Over the years, my art was put on the back burner and I knew I had to find my artistic voice and chase my dreams again. The two littlest loves of my life, Mads (Madeleine) and Lu (Lucas), motivate me daily to share my art with intention. I love a good pun, coffee and pizza...but mainly the connections I make through my art.

I am currently open for commissions and would love to create something unique and special for you. Let’s connect and discuss what you’re looking for. I hope your visit today brings some sunshine to your day - thanks for stopping by!  


Client Work

Details coming soon!

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